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Mar 24, 2011

Nineteen Eighty Four: Orwell- Horrible Society

As a social writer, Orwell was interest in the society that infected the man. He was not interested in the type of the novel developed by Joyce, Virgina Woolf, Conard and Lawrence. Therefore, it is not proper at all to condemn him on account of his lack of psychology. He has a very great moral, as he himself remarks: “I wrote a book because there is some lie that want to expose.” His novel Nineteen Eighty Four is a nightmarish picture of the future world, as Randal Stevenson Remarks: “The novel is a horrible picture of the future world in which automated individual will live miserably under the totalitarian dictatorship”.

Nineteen Eighty Four Orwell presents the horrible society of Oceania or the future world which is governed by the Inner Party, headed by an individual known as Big Brother--who is always watching you either in form of a face on the poster or the sound of the telescreen. Eighty five percent of the population known as proles, this large segment of the society enjoys no freedom and lead the life of an animal in the society. A citizen in Oceania always remains on tenderhook and feeling uneasy, especially when he is not whole hearted devoted to the society. One person in Oceania is so afraid that he cries: “Shoot me, hang me, sentences me for twenty five years, but not Room 101.”

In the society of Oceania, the people, who oppose the Party, are crashed and no one heard of them again. No one can have a short idea of that what was happened to them. They disappeared from the history forever--like Winston’s parent. In Oceania: “the history was written not in terms what happened, but what ought to happened according to the various Party lines.” in this society, the present is shown as a nightmarish picture of the horrible dream and the future is dark, in the words of O’Brian: “if you want a picture of the future world, imagine a boot stamping on human face--- forever.” in this sense, the slogan of the party was: “he who control the past, he controls the present and one who control the past, he controls the future”.

Oceania is a totalitarian society where is no need of love that is why love making between Winston and Julia is taken as a revolt because “it was a blow against the Party”. Because of this “Political Act” Winston is so badly tortured that he starts believing that “two and two makes five, not four”. After his torture O’Brian tells him: “Everything will be dead inside you, never again will you be capable of love or friendship, joy of living and laughter, courage and integrity.”

The society has developed a new language, Newspeak, whose main aim is to narrow down the range of thoughts: “If the leader says such an event “It never happened” well, it never happened. If he says two and two are five, well two and two are five”. That is why, when Winston keeps the diary and writes his thoughts in it is taken as a revolt to the party. Moreover, the Party has very rigid attitude towards sex, the only aim of sex is Oceania to beget children in the service of the society. We are also amused to learn the way in which children are brought up here. From the very early days of their lives they are taught the art of spying; and within few years they begins to spy even the activity of their parents and remove them to Thought Police if they are something fishy. The children are made callous; they love to see the hanging of criminals.

One more fearful aspect of the society of Oceania is that the country is always at war: sometimes with Eastasia, sometimes with Eurasia. Orwell satirises the Party’s doctrine of the slogan: war is peace, ignorance is strength, and slavery is freedom. The whole administration is divided into the four ministries which are reverse in their action: “Ministry of Truth or Minitru spreads lie; Ministry of Love or Miniluv destroy these who believes in love; Ministry of Peace or Minipay conduct wars; Ministry of Plenty or Miniplenty is responsible for economic affairs.

Another fearful aspect of the society is Room 101, the worst thing of the world here the sight of the ferocious rats pounce upon people and they began to eat their flesh. In the novel, Syne, a philogist, Ampleforth are taken to room 101. in the Winston is also taken to room 101 where he crying his punishment to be transferred to Julia: “Do it to Julia! Do it to Julia! Not me! I don’t care what you do to her”.

In sum, as we see the novel is a nightmarish picture of the future world where there will be no love, feelings and emotions of an individual. The future man will live and walk but like a puppet who’s each direction is commanded by his lord. The novel is, as Orwell writes: “a nightmarish picture where the leader or some ruling clique will control not only the past but present and future”. But Orwell says “I do not believe the society I describes should necessary arrive”, but is a society follows the totalitarian system than “I believe something resembling it could arrive.”


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