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Apr 17, 2011

Thoery of Evolution: Darwin

Charles Robert Darwin is English naturalist who brought out his monumental work The Origins of Species by Means of natural Selection on November 24, 1859. It presents the theory of evolution. It can be summed up in three facts and two dedications facts: 
1. Every spices increase in geometric manner
2. The actual size of population in species remains approximately the same over long period of time.
3. There is variation with every spices 
a) There is a struggle for existence for all individuals cannot survive
b) There is survival of the fittest ……………………
The struggle for existence may arise from
a) Struggle against the force of nature
b) Struggle between species ………
c) Competition with species ………

By “survival of the fittest” Darwin does not necessarily mean survival of the strongest, the fastest, the healthiest or even the most intelligent. Rather it means that the survival of those species that adopt themselves to natural section.

The development of science and Darwinism in the 19 C caused a marked spiritual disturbance which took quite often, the shape of skepticism and sometimes of patient agnosticism and even downright pre-thinking. Mid-Victorian poetry is particularly shot with the tincture of the spiritual crisis caused by the sudden collapse of the age-old edifice of Christian values. People’s faith in the Bible was rudely shaken. The questioning not in Clough, the pessimism in James Thomson, the wistful melancholy of Arnold, the fatalism of Fitzgerald’s all testify to the skeptical tendencies evoked by scientific research.

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