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Apr 3, 2011

Poet Laureates

Poet Laureates of England
1616-1637:  Jonson
1638-1668:  Sir William D' Avenant
1668-1689:  Dryden (forced to leave the post)
1689-1692:  Thomas Shandwell
1692-1715:  Nahum Tate
1715-1718:  Nicholas Rowe
1718-1730:  Laurence Eusden
1730-1757:  Colley Cibber
1757-1785:  William Whitehead
1785-1790:  Thomas Warton
1790-1813:  Henry James Pye
1813-1843:  Southey
1843-1850:  Wordsworth
1850-1892:  Tennyson
1896-1913:  Alfred Austin
1913-1930:  Robert Bridges
1930-1967:  John Masefield
1968-1972:  C. Day Lewis
1972-1984:  Sir John Betjeman
1984-1998:  Ted 'Edward James' Hughes
1999-2009:  Andrew Motion (Now post fixed for 10 years)
2009-2019:  Carol Ann Duffy (1st woman poet laureate)

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