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Jun 10, 2016

UGC-NET Expected

  1. Who coined the term “Metaphysical” poets:  Samuel Johnson in Lives of the most Eminent English Poets
  2. Which poet was the chapter of lives of the most eminent English poets based answer. Abraham Cowley
  3. Who said about John Donne, he affects the metaphysics, not only in his satires, but in his amorous verses, where nature only should reign?: John Dryden
  4. Eliot has borrowed the term unreal city in the first and third sections from?  Dante
  5. How is Drummond of Hawthornden associated to metaphysical poets? He is considered to be the only writer before Dryden to speak of metaphysical poets.
  6. What term is associated to metaphysical poetry that suggests the tendency of these poets to display their learning in poetry? Wit
  7. Who compared soul with a drop of dew in one of his poems? Andrew Marvell
  8. Which of these poets compared two legs of compass to two lovers in one of his poems? John Donne
  9. Which of these metaphysical poets married Mnne More? John Donne
  10. Which of the following metaphysical poems talk of vegetable love? To His Coy Mistress
  11. What does conceit refer to in concern to metaphysical poetry? Far-fetched similes and metaphors
  12. Whom does John Donne request to batter my heart? God
  13. What were the themes very common to poetry contemporary to the metaphysical poets but missing from the poems of these poets? Nature and mythology
  14. Who defined the wit of metaphysical poets as a kind of discordia concors; a combination of dissimilar images, or discovery of occult resemblances in things apparently unlike. Samuel Johnson
  15. In 1921, who published metaphysical lyrics and poems of the seventeenth century, which collected poems by Donne, Herbert, Vaughan, Marvell, and Carew?:-)  Herbert Grierson
  16. Who plays the prank on sly in the induction of the Taming of the Shrew?
  17. Who is Grumio in the Taming of the Shrew. Petruchios main servant
  18. Which of these characters is not a suitor for Bianca in Taming of the Shrew?: Tranio
  19. Which of these characters marries a widow in Taming of the Shrew? Hortencio
  20. Baptista Minola in Taming of the Shrew is a lord in:  Padua
  21. Which of these is Bianca’s suitor but does not pretend to be a tutor in the taming of the shrew?  Gremio
  22. Which of these names was not adopted in Taming of the Shrew by any character while having disguised himself? Gremio
  23. There are some characters in the play in whose case the character himself happens to interact with a person pretending to be him in Taming of the Shrew. Which of these characters is not an example? Hortensio
  24. In Taming of the Shrew, the person whom Lucentio and Tranio convince to pretend to be Vincentio was a: Pedant
  25. After Lucentios elopement with Bianca, when Vincentio confronted the pedant whom Lucentio and Tranio had made to pretend to be Vincentio, the situation got complicated and one of the characters was set to get arrested. Who was he?  Vincentio
  26. Who belongs to the absurd school of drama? Beckett
  27. “I am too much in the sun” in Hamlet is spoken by Hamlet to Claudius
  28. Elizabeth is a character from Jane Austen? Pride And Prejudice
  29. “Tear idle tears” is a poem by: Tennyson (in The Princess)
  30. Thought fox is written by: Ted Hughes
  31. Fire And Ice is written by: Frost
  32. The novel of Lawrence banned by the government was: Lady Chatterley’s Lover
  33. “Undo this button” is a line from Shakespeare: Hamlet
  34. “I am no Prince Hamlet” is a line written by: Eliot (Song of Alfred J Prufrock)
  35. “Things fall apart” is a line from Yeats: The Second Coming
  36. “good fences make good neighbours” is from Frost’s: The Mending Wall
  37. The first part of Beowulf opens in:  Denmark
  38. The vampire novel has its genesis in the discussion among Shelley, Mary shelley, Byron and Polidori
  39. The term gothic originally referred to: architecture
  40. When Anna Karenina met Vronsky she had……… number of children: One
  41. Jeremy Colliers pamphlet was a direct attack on Restoration Theatre (Short View of the Immorality and Profaneness of the English Stage, against William Wycherley, John Dryden, William Congreve, John Vanbrugh, and Thomas D’Urfey.)
  42. “Darkling Thrush” is a poem loo1king forward to the answer 20th century: Thomas Hardy (Original title: By the Century’s Deathbed, 1900)
  43. “When lilacs last in the dooryard bloomed” mourns the death of: Abraham Lincoln (also used in Eliot’s The Waste Land)
  44. The term subaltern was introduced by: Antonio Gramsci
  45. Sherlock Holmes is partially modelled on Conan Doyle’s teacher: Joseph Bell
  46. The character Marlow narrates Conard’s novel chance, Heart Of Darkness and Lord Jim (he narrates total four novels)
  47. The tramp characters of Samuel Beckett were influenced by: JM Synge
  48. Erewhon in the novel Erewhon by Samuel Butler is  name of a country
  49. Clarissa is the protagonist of the novel: Mrs Dalloway
  50. Who describes the artist in the following lines “there mark what ills the scholars life assail toil ,envy ,want , the patron and the jail”: Dr Johnson (Vanity of Human Wishes)
  51. Which Irish writer explores Irish history and culture in the novel The Wild Irish Girl (1806), subtitled A National TaleSydney Owenson.
  52. Hannah and Sarah more are associated with…………. Kind of fiction: Children’s Fiction
  53. Charles Darwin’s work The Origin Of Species was written in the year: 1859
  54. Name the sequel to King Solomons Mines (1885) by Rider Haggard: Sheba And The Golden Mines
  55. The strange case of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde is a novel that deals with multiple personalities written by:-) answer: RL Stevenson
  56. Ford Madox Ford (1873-1939) collaborated with which novelist in writing novels like The Inheritors (1901) and Romance (1903): Herman Hesse
  57. Which First World War poet writes in his diaries that he was shocked to hear the stories of women enjoying the tales of violence inflicted on the German soldiers?: Wilfred Owen
  58. James joyce wrote three stories, “The Sisters,” “Eveline,” and “After the Race,” under the pseudonym: Molly
  59. The character of Katherine Hilbery in Virginia Woolfs “Night And Day” is loosely based on Violet Dickinson
  60. Who was brave or foolhardy enough to edit Finnegan’s Wake down into a shorter edition? Alain de Botton
  61. Tottel’s Miscellany (1557) contained the songs and sonnets of Wyatt and Raleigh
  62. John Dryden is called the father of English criticism : Alexander Pope
  63. Ugolinos brave words and Beatrices loving words to Virgil are cited by Arnold as examples of: personal estimate
  64. Whom does Arnold call the pseudo ShelleyDG Rossetti
  65. Crites in The Essay on Dramatic Poesy stands for Dryden’s brother in law: Sir Robert Howard.
  66. Who says that poetry lifts the veil from the hidden beauty of the world and makes familiar objects as if they were not familiar: Shelley
  67. Who coined the term new criticism?: TE Hulme
  68. Which poem by Chaucer is influenced by Boccaccio: The House Of Fame
  69. Who wrote poems expressing his love for penelope devereuxSidney
  70. Cynewulf is a poet of the ….. Period: Old English
  71. World literature is a term introduced by: Hegel
  72. “Tin Drum” and “Cat and Mouse” are novels written by:  Gunter Grass
  73. TS Eliot appreciates the Jacobean dramatists and the ……….. Poets for their direct sensuous apprehension of thought: Neo Classical
  74. Which critic thinks that Paradise Lost lacks human interest: Lamb
  75. Which Scottish writer maps Scotland’s history and culture in the novel the Scottish chiefs: Jane Porter
  76. The three parts of the novel to the lighthouse are: The Window, The Lighthouse and The Christmas Dinner
  77. Cardinal Newman was associated with which movement: Utilitarianism
  78. Two key texts that are major contributions to feminist theory by Virginia Woolf are A Room Of Ones Own and The Years
  79. Who refers to the two uses of language, referential and emotive?: IA Richards
  80. The Hyacinth character referred to in The Wasteland is a character from Greek mythology who died: while playing quoits
  81. Ambivalence is a post colonial term used by: Bhabha
  82. “I guess the man’s a genius, but what a dirty mind he has, hasn’t he?” This is a comment on James Joyce by: Nora Joyce
  83. DH Lawrences novels are located in: Nottingham countryside
  84. Who wrote the essay “The Day Of The Rabblement,” attacking the Irish literary theatre for catering to popular taste.: James Joyce
  85. The author of The Provok’d Husband: Or A Journey to London was:  John Vanbrugh and Colly Cibber
  86. Who claimed, Donne, for not keeping of accent, deserved hanging? Ben Jonson
  87. Which of TS Eliot’s poems mentions John Donne?: Whispers Of Immortality
  88. Which of these novels uses John Donne’s love story with Anne more as its subject? The Lady And The Poet
  89. The epigraph of The Waste Land is borrowed from? Homer
  90. Who called The Waste Land a music of ideas?  Allen Tate
  91. Who invented the term sprung rhythm? Hopkins
  92. John Donne wrote his famous phrase “John Donne, Anne Donne, un-done” in concern to: loss of his position following his marriage
  93. The Anatomy Of The World (1611) was written in the memory of Anne More, wife of John Donne whom he married in 1601
  94. W. B. Yeats used the phrase “the artifice of eternity” in his poem? Sailing To Byzantium
  95. Identify the rhetorical figure used in the following line of tennyson “faith un-faithful kept him falsely true.” :Oxymoron
  96. The term “the Palliser novels” is used to describe the political novels of? Disraeli
  97. Who is praised as a hero by Carlyle in his lecture on the hero as king? Cromwell
  98. Carlyle’s work on Heroes, Hero-worship And The Heroic In History is a course of: five lectures
  99. the poet, whom queen Victoria, regarded as the perfect poet of love and loss is: DG Rossetti
  100. Keats’s Endymion is dedicated to? Leigh Hunt

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