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Jun 20, 2016

Expected Questions Series

  1. The New Humanism school of philosophy and literary criticism was popular in America during: 1910-1930
  2. What does “I” stand for in “To Carthage then I came”: St. Augustine (Eliot’s The Waste Land)
  3. Estella is the daughter of? Joe Gargery, who also is guardian of Pips
  4. Who coined the phrase “egotistical sublime”? Coleridge
  5. The novel The Power And The Glory is set in? Mexico
  6. The sub-title of Twelfth Night: What You Will
  7. The line “The kelson of creation is love” occurs in Walt Whitman’s:  Song of Myself
  8. Who wrote the poem “The Defence of Lucknow?” Tennyson
  9. A verse form using stanza of eight lines, each with eleven syllables, is known as? Ottavarima
  10. The tale of two cities has: a romantic hero with a weakness
  11. The character in The Tempest is referred to as an honest old counsellor: Ginzolo
  12. July’s People (1981) is a novel by : Nadine Gordimer
  13. Gudrun Bragwen is a character in a novel by : DH Lawrence (Women in Love)
  14. Who is given the credit of using the term “romantic”: Freidrich Schlegal
  15. “The Figure a Poem Makes” is an essay by Robert Frost
  16. “Ripeness is all” occurs in: King Lear (Shakespeare)
  17. A Dance of The Forest (1960) is written by: Wole Soyinka (at Nigeria’s independence)
  18. The work by Swinburne which begins when the hounds of spring are on winters traces? Atalanta In Calydon
  19. Sartor Resartus (1836) is a novel by: Thomas Carlyle
  20. The character who is a supporter of women’s rights in Sons And Lovers? Mrs. Morel
  21. In Sons And Lovers, Paul Morel’s mothers name is? Gertrude
  22. The twins in Lord Of The Flies are?  Sam and Eric (or Samneric)
  23. The macabre element in drama was introduced by: Lyly
  24. “For gold in physique is cordial/therefore, he loved gold in special” relates to: Chaucer’s Doctor
  25. Who derided Hazlitt as one of the members of the cockney school of poetry?  Eliot
  26. Graham Greene’s novels are marked by? Catholicism
  27. In Pride And Prejudice, Lydia elopes with? Wickham
  28. The work by Ruskin which began as a defence of contemporary landscape artist especially turner? The Modem Painters
  29. The second series of Essays Of Elia by Charles Lamb was published in? 1833
  30. ‘gestalt’ theory of literature considers text as: A unified whole
  31. ‘bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, but to be young was very heaven’: Wordsworth’s “French Revolution”
  32. “Hymn to Adversity” is a poem by Thomas Gray
  33. The first Canadian poet is: Charles Heavysege
  34. Heroic quatrain is: four line stanza in iambic pentameter
  35. A book that faithfully renders a young man’s confused images of love and rejection is: A Portrait of Artist as a Young Man
  36. Swift’s Modest Proposal is written in the form of a : project in political economy social satire
  37. Anti-sentimental comedy is a criticism of: Excess of emotion
  38. Tennyson’s poem about women and women’s sphere is: The Princess
  39. Which inns of court did John Donne join in 1592? Lincolns Inn
  40. Who was Donne’s chief patron 1610 onwards? Sir Robert Drury
  41. Who said about Donne, he affects the metaphysics, not only in his satires, but in his amorous verses, where nature only should reign; and perplexes the minds of the fair sex with nice speculations of philosophy, when he should engage their hearts, and entertain them with the softnesses of love? John Dryden
  42. The title of the poem “The Second Coming” is taken from? The German mythology
  43.   One important feature of Jane Austen’s style is? Humour And Pathos

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