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"Zadie Smith: Artist and Citizen" (Lecture)

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May 27, 2014

Writers and Books

Writers and Books

Scott Fitzgerald 
*This Side of Paradise 
*The Beautiful and Damned 
*Tender Is the Night 
*The Great Gatsby 
*The Love of the Last Tycoon

Jane Austin:
*Pride & Prejudice 
*Sense & Sensibility 
*Mansfield Park 
*Northanger Abbey 

Oscar Wilde:
*Lady Windermere's Fan 
*A Woman of no Importance 
*An Ideal Husband 
*The Importance of Being Earnest 

HG Wells:
*The Time Machine 
*The New Machiavelli 
*Joan & Peter 
*The Soul of a Bishop 
*Outline of History 
*A Year of Propheysying

Lyly : 
+Sapho & Phao 
+Mother Bombie 
+Love Metamorphosis 
+The Woman in the Moon

+The Egoist 
+The Ordeal of Richard Feuerel 
+The Adventure of Henry Richmond 
+Beavchamp's Career 
+Diana of the Crossways

Walter Scott 
+Guy Mannering 
+The Antiquary 
+Black Dwarf 
+Old Morality 
+Rob Roy 
+The Heart of Midlothian 

Walter Scott: Poetry 
+The Lady of the Last Minstrel 
+The Lady of the Lake 
+The Bridal of Triermain 
+The Lord of the Isles

Milton :
1630-On Shakespeare 
32:Il Penseroso 
67:Paradise Lost 
71:Paradise Regained & Samson Agonistes

Cynewulf Works 
* Dream of the Rod 
* Elene 
* Juliana 
* The Battle of Brunaburh 
* The Fates of the Apostles 
* Christ II (The Ascension)

JM Synge 
*In the Shadow of the Glen 
*Riders of the Sea 
*Well of the Saints 
*The Aran Islands 
*Playboy of the WesternWorld 
*Last Black Supper

*Workers in the Dawn 
*The Unclassed 
*The Nether World 
*Grub Street 
*The Odd Women 
*Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft

*The Persians 
*Seven against Thebes 
*Prometheus Bound

Almayer's Folly 
An Outcast of the Islands 
Lord Jim 
The Secret Agent 
The Rover 
The Shadow Line 
Heart of Darkness 

Northrop Frye 
*Fearful Symmetry 
*Anatomy of Criticism 
*A Study of English Romanticism 
*The Modern Century 
*On Education 
*On Religion

RK Narayan 
*Swami & Friends 
*The Bachelor of Arts 
*The Financial Expert 
*Waiting for the Mahatma 
*The Guide 
*The Vendor of Sweet 
*Mr Sampath

John Banville Pseudonym-Benjamin Black 
*The Book of Evidence 
*The Ark 
*The Untouchable 
*The Sea

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