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Jun 7, 2014

UGC-IMP Expected Question

Expected Questions:
  • Bohemia is a place in The Winter's Tale 
  • Cervantes full name-Miguel de Cenvantes 
  • Letter described in The Scarlet Letter-A
  • In Scotish Folklore, The appearance of a BONSHEE means Death 
  • Comus is god of Relevery 
  • To Johnson BLANK VERSE is only Verse to Eyes 
  • NEW-HISTORICIM coined by Stephen Greenblatt 
  • Plutarch called poet :Right Popular Philosopher"
  • Johnson founded Literary Club in 1764 
  • novel Tom Jones contains 18 books 
  • Spectator Paper was daily periodical 
  • poem The Bard is by Gray
  • Kennings mean picturesque compounds used by Old Eng poets. They have metaphorical quality, ie SEOWOOD used for ship & PEACE WEAVER for Women
  • Postcolonial writers revision history, & negotiate with & subvert Euro-American  ideologies & representations 
  • *Poem "Sir Gawin and the Green Knight" by anonymous or "The Pearl Poet." Rhyme: ABABA: Stanzas:101. It begins in CAMELOT on New Year's Day.
  • *Literary term SENSUOUSNESS related to John Milton 
  • *Raja Ram Mohan Rai(Brahma Samaj) is father of Indian Renaissance in English Literature.
  • Gibbon's THE DECLINE AND FALL OF ROMAN EMPIRE begins with The Reign of Trojan in AD-98 & ends with Fall of Bynanstine Empire in 1453 
  • Caxton starts Printing Press & Guttenburg gives Art of Printing.Today no Caxton Press but Guttenburg is working with name Guttenburg Project (Name are different. For more info check by self)
  • The only instance of Comedy during Romantic Age is OEDIPUS TYRANNUS or SWELLFOOT THE TYRANT by Shelley.
  • Full Title:  "The Defence of Poesie, Political Discourses, Correspondence and Translation"  by Philip Sidney
  • Full Title: "The Countess of Pembroke's 'Arcadia': Volume 4: Being the Original Version"  by  Philip Sidney
  • Wordsworth shows death of his two brothers Captain & Nelson with words "Character of the Happy Warrior" in poem "Immortaliy Ode."
  • Francis Bacon's words are known as "Knowledge is power" 
  • World Drama Day is March 25 
  • VS Naipal wrote the Book "The Mask of Africa"
  • "A Dramatic Poem in Humble Imitation of THE WINTER'S TALE of Shakespeare" is subtitle of poem ZAPOLYTA (1817) by Coleridge (1772-1834)
  • Fable:short story esp about animals withMoral,ie,Fox&Grapes 
  • Epic:A long narrative poem of heroic event 
  • Epigram:A short saying full of wit
  • In Memoriam contains 131 lyrics
  • Phrase I' art por I's art (art for art's sake) was coined in year 1804 
  • The Swan was a theatre in Southwark, London, England, built in 1595. It was the fourth in the series of large public playhouses of London.
  • Wordsworth,Coleridge,Southey are called Lake school by Francis (afterward Lord) Jeffrey in The Edinburgh Review, Aug 1817 or Lakers by Byron
  • Full Title--Areopagitica: A Speech of Mr. John Milton For the Liberty of Unlicensed Printing To the Parliament of England (1644)  by Milton
  • When Blake says that in Paradise Lost "Milton was at Devil's party without knowing it" The Romantic Age enters into the Criticism.
  • On 21Jan, 1789 The first American novel, The Power of Sympathy or the Triumph of Nature Founded in Truth, is printed in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Boris Pasternak (1958)& Sartre (1964) are two writers who rejected Nobel Prize for Lit (Pasternak son received it in 1989 after his death)
  • "To Connect" related to Foster 
  • Eliot influenced by Indian Philosophy
  • The Novelist Esther David (English)has been chosen for Sahitya Academy Award 2010. 
  • Jnanpith Award is highest literary award in India. It carries Rs700000 & bronze replica of Saraswati goddess. Not include English Language
  • Naquib Mah Fouz(1911-2006) was first Arabic Nobel Prize Winner for Lit 1987,Egypt 
  • Tony Morrison (1931)First African Black, 1993
  • In 1688 Dryden refused to take oaths of allegiance so dismissed by William III & Mary II from post Poet laureate. Only Dismissed Laureate
  • More's Utopia (1516)describing a fictional island in the Atlantic Ocean, was translated in 1551 by Robinson. (title) Title Translation 
  • A Truly Golden Little Book,No Less Beneficial Than Entertaining,of the Best State of a Republic,&of the New Island Utopia
  • Totells Miscellany comes in 1557, one year before Elizabeth come to Throne 
  • Real name of Earl of Surrey is Henry Howard

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