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Aug 6, 2011

Important Questions

Q: Why is the year 1066 important?
Ans: 1066 is the date of Norman Conquest of England and the beginning of Anglo – Norman literature in England. The Norman conquest of England in 1066 greatly influenced the evolution of the language. For about 300 years after this, the Normans used Anglo-Norman, which was close to Old French, as the language of the court, law and administration. By the latter part of the fourteenth century, when English had replaced French as the language of law and government, Anglo-Norman borrowings had contributed roughly 10,000 words to English, of which 75% remain in use.

Q: To which country did King Alfred belong? Name one of his prose works?
Ans: Alfred belonged to the ninth century he was the king of Wessex(871). Alfred is actually noted for his translation works. He translated or got translated Pastoral Care of Pope Gregory.

Q: What is the period of the middle ages? What are the sources of information about the middle ages?
Ans: Roughly speaking, the middle age refers to the period of 1066 to 1485 (Norman Conquest of England to the end of the wars of Roses). The middle age is briefly reflected in Doomsdays Book, pipe Rolls, Court Rolls, chancery records and account books.

Q: How is In Memoriam related to Adonais?
Ans. These are two famous elegies written by Tennyson and P. B. Shelley respectively. In In Memoriam Tennyson laments the death of his college friend Arther Hemry Hallam who died in shipwreck, while Adonais is Shelley’s elegy on the premature death of Keats. Here Shelley criticizes those critics whom he finds responsible for Keats premature death.

Q: What is meant by Kennings? Give two examples.
Ans: Kennings mean picturesque compounds used by the Old English poets. They have metaphorical quality. For exp. ‘Seowood’ is used for ship, ‘peace weaver’ for women.

Q: Why are the years 1649 and 1688 important?
Ans. The year 1649 is important for the beheading of Charles I by the puritans and 1688 is important for the Glorious Revolution in England. In that connection to the incident, James II was dethroned and the revolution was succeeded without bloodshed. James fled from the capital and William and Mary took the throne.

Q: Who originated the genre Heroic Tragedy and when?
Ans. In this type of tragedy, which became prominent after the Restoration, a great heroic figure is chosen as a central personage and subsequent heroic incidents are introduced.
Although it owes its origin to the dramatic romances popularized by Beaumont and Fletcher and written by Shakespeare, Dryden is the most versatile between 1664-77.

Q: Give two example of Dryden's political writing.
Ans. Dryden's Astraea Redux (1660) celebrates Charles II's return to the English throne. Annus Mirabilis (1667) gives a spirited account of the great fire in London.

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