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Oct 21, 2010

Salman Rushdie signs deal to publish memoir

Booker Prize-winning author Salman Rushdie - who was for many years in hiding after he was subject to a Fatwah - has signed a deal to publish his memoir, it was announced today. Midnight's Children and The Satanic Verses writer Rushdie has signed a worldwide deal with Random House for the book, which will be published in 2012. His memoir will tackle his marriages, his experience as an "outsider" at public school and his years of internal exile.

Random House described the deal as "one of the most far-reaching multi-national and multi-language book publishing deals by one publisher for a single title". It will be simultaneously published around the world in book, digital and audio formats and in a number of languages. Rushdie said: "I'm absolutely delighted that Random House, my long-time publisher, has agreed to publish my memoir in the English-language world, as well as in Spanish, and for the first time in German. "I couldn't wish for a better home for my work. I have waited a long time to write this memoir, until I felt I was ready to do it. I'm ready now." He is expected to complete his manuscript by the end of next year.

Random House said the acquisition of the book was "unprecedented in scope". Markus Dohle, CEO of Random House worldwide, said: "This extraordinary work merits an extraordinary publishing effort on our part." It will be published in the UK by imprint Jonathan Cape. Publishing director Dan Franklin said: "I am thrilled that Cape will be publishing Salman's new book. "This brave, generous, honest and totally compelling memoir will be a cultural event like no other, as important politically as it will be to the history of literature."

Rushdie famously spent a number of years in hiding following the 1988 publication of his book The Satanic Verses which sparked demonstrations and protests from Muslims. Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini issued a Fatwah. Rushdie is currently working on a film version of his 1981 Booker Prize winner Midnight's Children. The novel was later named the Booker of Bookers.

His latest book Luka and the Fire of Life has recently been published.

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